Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

Global Organizations today continuously strive to improve performance. As research clearly indicates, engaging a diverse and inclusive work force allows organizations to innovate faster, collaborate better and achieve superior business results. The key to success is to be able to attract global talent with diverse experiences, backgrounds and approaches – and then to build and nurture a global work environment which is conducive to excellence and at the same time inclusive and safe.

Through our on-going work and discussions with global leaders, we have experienced that engaged, inclusive and diverse leadership groups are critical.

Inclusive Search Process to Recruit Diverse Talents

Our Focus on finding the right talent is the goal

We have recruited a large number of C-level executives and functional leaders from diverse backgrounds. We ensure diversity through every aspect of the search process by understanding our clients’ specific diversity targets; to achieve that goal we leverage our global diverse networks, consultants and data base, as well as ensuring that we have a broad global search strategy to enhance the diversity of the candidate pool. We continuously monitor this candidate pool from the beginning until the end of the search process. In addition, we advise our clients on a more inclusive search process.

D&I Networks and Relationships

We are signatories to:

  • Diversity Charta (Charta der Vielfalt) across the EU
  • Healthcare Business Women’s Association
  • ESSEC “Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace” certified

Our D&I services

Krug Associates offers a number of services aimed to raise diversity and inclusion.

  • Board Composition analysis, reflecting the proportion of necessary specialized skills, management skills, and required diversity. 
  • Our accelerated integration and team effectiveness tools provided by our coaching practice are uniquely helpful when integrating diverse talent into a new organization or a new role. We aim to identify gaps between a new leader’s approach and that of the team or culture they join, by thus ensuring onboarding for both the leader and the team.
  • We help our clients build succession plans that are inclusive of diverse candidates using potential assessment, personality assessment, as well as leadership development and talent management plans.

All our consultants will be D&I certified by 2020.