My story...

My story...

How I Met the Team

As a partner of Krug Associates, for more than 20 years, I have been involved in Leadership and Team Development in many organisations within healthcare, production and financial services. Coaching has always been a part of my offering.

During 2019-2020, I completed the Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching with AoEC, London. The education focusses on researching and building one’s unique coaching model based upon strong theoretical principles. This confidence building program helped me as a coach and resulted in a clear view of how I can help Executives with their critical transition.

While in training, I connected with a cohort of international, experienced coaches, and we worked closely together for over 14 months. After graduation, I invited three colleagues from our group to join forces and serve Krug’s international clients. We also continue our personal development together.

Experiencing the same challenging learning process has bonded us personally and professionally, enabling us to work as a mature team. We can serve international Leadership Development programs in a coherent, consistent way whilst honouring national and cultural difference.

It is great fun to work and continue learning together.

Patrick Smits

…And what’s YOUR story?