What We Offer

What We Offer

Executive Coaching

Our one-on-one Executive Coaching programs are tailored to meet the individual client’s personal and professional needs and goals. We find that clients attain best results in skill-building and goal-actualization within about six months.

Although we recommend the six-months program, a short, powerful session can also yield a breakthrough. We offer packages based on need, not on a prescribed number of sessions. The client is in the driver’s seat – you determine the destination, the speed, and the journey’s route.

We understand the importance of rapport and fit. To that end, chemistry sessions are included to best match the client with their coach. This is the advantage of a diverse coach team.

Systemic Team Coaching

Our team-coaching enables the group to identify and address their challenges, resulting in deep learning and sustainable change. The program incorporates team sessions, one-on-one coaching, and real-time observation and support of team meetings and events. Systemic Team coaching integrates the seven layers that define a team. Going beyond the team, this approach looks at the total context in which the team functions.

Systemic Team Coaching is a powerful intervention for creating high-performing teams – including leadership, board and management teams

  • lasts several months and is more rigorous than traditional team- building events
  • creates alignment on the team’s purpose and collective leadership enables effective engagement with stakeholders
  • focuses the team on the value it can add improves team dynamics and ways of working
  • enhances how the team learns and develops

Common Coaching Topics

Career Transitions

My first 100 days – starting a new leadership role with impact
Taking on additional responsibilities
Planning for next career phase

Team Coaching

Improving group performance
Integrating new leaders or team members
Addressing key business challenges
Working effectively virtually

Critical Transitions

Integrating and consolidating business operations
Addressing business performance
Establishing vision and goals

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